Presurgical Blood Tests and What They Mean

Surgery does not come without risk. Many conditons may exist which are not detectable on a physical examination.
These conditions may adversely effect the anesthetic protocal. Because of this we strongly recommmend pre laboratory testing for all surgery candidates.

Pre-anesthetic blood tests involves the analysis of the bloods cells, fluid, and chemical components in whole blood.

Cbc is a complete blood count which measures individual cell numbers. Some of the components are:

Rbc - Red blood cell count. Low can indicate anemia.
Wbc - White blood cell count. High can indicate infection.
Platelets are necessary for proper clotting of blood.

Other Pre-anesthetic test include blood pressure,Ekg and blood chemistries. If your pet has abnormal blood pressure or heart rhythm, it is important to know before any anesthetic is administered. Blood chemistries can measure the chemicals unique to individual organs such as the heart, kidney, liver, etc.. High levels of certain chemicals can be cause for delaying an elective surgery. The finding of high blood pressure could also delay surgery until blood pressure has been controlled with medication.