There are many great products on the market today. Please do not make the mistake of believing that one product fits all situations. More importantly, do not expect intermittent use to yield the best results, especially if there are multiple pets in your yard or home, and they are not all recieving treatments regularly. The best results are achieved when all pets in the home or yard are being treated every month of the year. You must also control fleas in the home and yard.

Many owners randomly buy a product believing that it will kill all the fleas and their pet will stop itching soon thereafter. They assume that their pet is itching because of fleas. There are many causes of "itching" in dogs and cats including food allergies, flea allergies, inhalant allergies, mange, etcetera.
Professional flea control products are not formulated to stop itching !!!!! They are formulated to kill fleas. Even if your pet has no allergy other than flea allergy, killing all of the fleas will not immediately stop the itch. Fleas inject their saliva in the skin and subcutaneous tissues when they go to suck blood. They do this to thin the blood so they can suck it through their tiny needle like mouth part. The fleas saliva has an anticoagulant in it which can cause an intense "itch." Once the flea saliva is in the tissue, your pet will continue to itch for up to two weeks even if you kill every flea on them.
Assuming that no other flea bites occur, and that all fleas are killed, it will take about 7-14 days before the pre-existing flea saliva is purged out of the animal. This purging effect takes place by the normal movement of fluids into and out of the body. The fluid carries the flea saliva and its breakdown products out of the body. In reality, you should see gradual decrease in the level of itch over the 14 day period after all fleas are killed.

Unfortunately many people judge the product as ineffective because their pet continues to itch after it is applied.

Our pets do not live in a bubble !!! They live in a dynamic world in which they are continually coming in contact with all types of internal and external parasites. If you apply a quality product, regularly, fleas which jump on your pet will begin dying after a short period of time. Because of this, it is possible to find a few fleas on your pet even when using a quality product.

In other words... all of these products are very close in their effectiveness.They will all do an excellent job, especially when flea control in the home and yard is instituted. For more information follow the Total Flea Control link below.